Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscience

A Symposium in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Steven G. Louie

4 LeConte Hall

University of California, Berkeley

March 21 - 22, 2009




General information

Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscale Materials is a two-day Scientific Symposium in honor of Steven Louie's 60th birthday. The Symposium will take place March 21-22, 2009 at the University of California, Berkeley, and focus on Steve's many important contributions to condensed matter physics, electronic structure theory, and nanoscience. The Symposium will start Saturday morning, March 21, and consist of two full days of invited talks (20+5 min) from some of Steve's esteemed colleagues, former students, and postdocs; two poster sessions during lunch; and a banquet dinner Saturday night, including a lighthearted after-dinner program at the Bancroft Hotel.  


Organizing Committee
J. B. Neaton (LBNL), Chair   C.-T. Chan (Hong Kong UST)
S. Fahy (U College Cork, Ireland)   M. S. Hybertsen (Brookhaven Lab)

Invited Speakers
P. B. Allen (Stony Brook)   G. Martinez (HMFL, France)
R. Car (Princeton)   F. Mauri (Pierre and Marie Curie, France)
C.-T. Chan (Hong Kong UST)   Y. Petroff (ESRF, France)
J. R. Chelikowsky (UT-Austin)   J. C. Phillips (Rutgers)
K.-J. Chang (KAIST, Korea)   M. Rohlfing (Osnabruck U, Germany)
H. J. Choi (Yonsei U, Korea)   A. Rubio (U Basque Co, CSIC, ETSF, Spain)
M. H. Cohen (Rutgers/Princeton)   S. Saito (TIT, Japan)
S. Fahy (U College Cork, Ireland)   M. Scheffler (FHI, Germany)
H. Kamimura (Tokyo U Sc, Japan)   L. Sham (UC-San Diego)
K.-M. Ho (Ames Lab)   Y.-W. Son (KIAS, Korea)
M. S. Hybertsen (Brookhaven Lab)   C. Spataru (Sandia Livermore)
J. Ihm (Seoul National U, Korea)   D. Vanderbilt (Rutgers)
W. Plummer (LSU)   E. Wang (IOP, China)
J. Joannopolous (MIT)   A. Zettl (UC-Berkeley)


Abstract submission instructions. Please submit a title and abstract for invited talks and posters in text or Word format by email to Jeff Neaton at Abstracts received after the deadline, February 13, may not appear in the program booklet.