David A. Strubbe

dstrubbe @ mit . edu

PhD June 2012, advisor Steven G. Louie
Department of Physics, UC Berkeley
NSF Fellow
Nano IGERT Fellow
M.A. in physics, UC Berkeley, December 2007
B.S. in chemistry and physics, University of Chicago, June 2005

Present address: postdoc at MIT materials science and engineering, Jeff Grossman group

Berkeley Science Review articles:

Richter Scale ["Strontium" at DeYoung art museum], Spring 2006
(Meta)material World: A new class of materials promises to give scientists even greater control over Nature, Fall 2006
Catch a Wave [direct observation of polaritons], Spring 2007
Chasing Cars: Traffic researchers work to replace "stop and go" with "go with the flow", Fall 2007
A Berkeley student in Basque country, Fall 2008
Quantum dots light up: Seeing inside cells more clearly, Fall 2009
Now presenting: Ununquadium!, Spring 2010

What is a civet?

Former co-president, Berkeley Nanotechnology Club
Team manager, Accretion Disc ultimate frisbee