Sinisa Coh

I’m a condensed matter theorist collaborating closely with the experimental groups on a broad range of topics: nanostructures, oxides, layered materials, topological insulators, superconductors, and optical properties. My research focuses on design, discovery, and characterization of functional materials from control and first-principles understanding of atomic interactions and electronic structure.

Currently I’m a physics postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley Physics and Berkeley Lab.


Research highlights

The atomic movement mechanism allowing a solid crystal of iron to move through a constriction in the carbon nanotube with a cross-section smaller than the crystal itself.

Physical Review Letters 110, 185901 (2013)
Physical Review B 88, 045424 (2013)

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Tunability of the electronic structure for a variety of two-dimensional interfaces: graphene on graphene, graphene on platinum (image on the right), molecular monolayer on gold.

Physical Review Letters 108, 246103 (2012)
Physical Review B 88, 165431 (2013)
Physical Review B 88, 235431 (2013)


A class of materials with a new coupling mechanism between the magnetic and the electric degrees of freedom, inspired by the properties of topological insulators.

Physical Review B 88, 121106(R) (2013)
Physical Review B 83, 085108 (2011)


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